Supporting talented young musicians

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As Autumn is drawing nearer our television screens could be filled with endless talent shows hoping to showcase the next big star.....

My profession allows me to meet with amazing people from all walks of life.

Sometimes it's a friend of a friend, other times it's an introduction to a son or daughter.

I was introduced to Katy, via her mum Karen, via the power of social media.

Those of you who know me will know I have a wide and varied taste and that also spreads into my music,

but never did I think I would hear such talent from someone so young ….

First 2Introducing Katy HurtSongwriter & Country Singer

Katy is 17 years of age confident, competent and full of a passion for music & life.

She is already a seasoned professional.... I was inspired when I met her.

Country Music Artist Confident & full of a passion for life

In the Blues Brothers film they say “ we have both types here... Country and Western”......

Katy gives you both!


Katy produces her own material, written, sung and performed ….. I urge you to take time to stop and listen.

second 4On locationArtists Portfolio

As I have mentioned Katy is full of life and one of those curious creatures.... as we meet for this shoot Katy is composing on her phone.

Here is a behind the scenes shot capturing the artist at work,

deep in her own thoughts, guitar in hand, phone on knee!

second 1Behind the scenesKaty composing

Inspiration hits at any time and not wanting to lose it Katy gets to work.

Katy feels blessed that she has been given enormous opportunities.

She grew up sharing time between two great cities London and New York.

(This may account for the American twang in her work)

fourth 1London & New YorkInternational Artist

At the age of 13 she recorded in Memphis which started a search for the illusive
recording contract over in Nashville.

Her strongest influences came from 50's and 60's country classics,

but Katy also listens to contemporary artists like

Miranda Lambert and Luke Bryan who Katy believes are producing

“some of the best songs ever”.

third 1Memphis Calling Promotional images

So whilst Katy enters into the competitive world of music I was thrilled to hear she never forgets the support she has had from her family,

and I would like thank her Mum Karen, for introducing me to this incredible 17 year old

third 3Social MediaPromotional Material

It was my pleasure to shoot this portfolio of images which will be used for promoting Katy,

album covers, social media, event promotion
and of course her website.
First 1Business Head shot & Promoting BrandsFuture Album Cover
So when you're a bit tired of the same old reality TV shows and you want to hear more of Katy's music Click HERE 


Professional Sports Photography

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Some photographers specialise in one particular genre of photography,

I have a few strings to my bow, I'm not a "Jack of all trades"

for me it's more a case of "variety is the spice of life"


The last couple of weeks has seen that start of the school holidays,

along with the good old British Summer...

so my call to the sound of leather on willow, has returned. 

British SummertimeLeather on Willow

The cricket events that I shoot are run nationwide, by the Andrew Flintoff Cricket Academy,

I have worked closely with them for a number of years now. 

Andrew Flintoff Cricket Academy Game Face..."Determination"

Whilst I'm not a sportsperson, I have a great deal of respect and admiration for those who

show a determination to succeed & a passion for any sport. 

Sports instill discipline, respect, team spirit and enable a "safe" environment for experiencing

life lessons on winning and losing, but most of all....

"Win or lose, do it fairly" K.Rockne

Team Spirit"Sport fosters many things that are good; teamwork and leadership"

The professional approach to coaching at these events is second to none.

The children are taught the skills, rules as well as just enjoying the beautiful game.

Skills & TechniquesFielding

Time is spent developing Fielding skills

Fielding Skills"Go on you can make it!"


Never give up!

In the nets, padded up

In the netsAwaiting a speedy delivery

Perfecting that speedy delivery

Delivery techniquesStraight arm action

Developing the perfect spin.....

Perfecting the spin

But nothing beats the afternoon games, whether it's Pavilion Cricket,

20/20 or any other variation on this magnificent game

Afternoon GamesYou can't beat a hardball game


Pure cricket action

Sportspeople develop respect for others: The Captain, Team-mates, Opponents, Umpires and Coaches Respect for othersCoaches and umpires

One thing about team sports is that whether they are in the team kit or cricket whites, the "uniform" can make it difficult to distinguish between the kids. Even more so with pads and helmets on!

So this year I have shot more sporting portraits, these aren't formal portraits they were taken during a game.

"I don't like cricket....I LOVE IT!"

Displaying the joy

Sporting Portraits

Contemplating tactics 

Cricket PortraitsReady for battle

Getting ready for battle

Deep in thought

Quiet contemplation. 


Team sports enable the opportunity to form new friendships 

Teamworkand friendship

"There are no strangers here; Only friends you haven't yet met" W.Yeats

I hope you've enjoyed this insight into this small element of what I do

If you're interested in finding out what else I do, like my Facebook pages

Lee Tuckett Photography  


Photos At Work 


Professional Corporate Headshots & Business Portraits - London, Surrey, Berkshire & Hampshire

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Let’s face it, the corporate headshot is more than just a photo; it is part of the identity that you've created for yourself, your business and your brand. 

Solicitors Business Headshot


It needs to say all the things you want it to say about you — friendly, professional,

approachable and trustworthy.


Professional corporate head shot


‘People buy people’ It’s a fact – we all prefer to deal with people we can relate to. It makes sense to have business portraits that let your personality shine through.

Business portraits or headshots can be used for numerous purposes:

on your business website, facebook page,


Professional corporate headshot Surrey


LinkedIn, Twitter, business cards, blogs, annual reports, newsletters.... the list goes on. 


Linkedin photos Hampshire, Surrey, Berkshire


A selfie just doesn't cut it! So I've put together some tips & ideas on how to get the best headshot for you. 


What to wear?:

Wear clothes that are comfortable and that make you look and feel great.

Business profile images Berkshire; LinkedIn images


Ideally wear something that you would wear when meeting clients


Actors head shots;


It doesn't have to be a suit and tie, but it should reflect you and your style of business.


Lifestyle business portraits thames valley


Remember you are representing your brand values, you are the face of the business


Social media head shots Berkshire


Choose something that falls well and flatters your neckline.

If you choose to wear a suit make sure your jacket and shirt fit you well 

(too big or too small will show in the photos)


Corporate Headshot London; Business Portraits


Clothes should be neatly pressed or even treat yourself to something new!

Long sleeved shirts/blouses are best, even for the head and shoulders shots.


Corporate, business portraits


What colours photograph best?

Solid colours work really well and most people look good in mid-tones (green, blue and brown) 

Be careful - white can "wash you out" (unless it's a shirt under a jacket).


Professional website profile images


Darker shades are more flattering and slimming, however black isn't always the best colour,

Black can look like a solid flat mass -  navy, dark grey work well. 

Wear colours than emphasise your eyes! 

Professional head shots, profile images Hampshire


Blue/green/turquoise shirts/blouses or accents can help emphasise blue/green/hazel eyes


Corporate profile images, London


If you usually wear glasses, wear them in the photos. If you switch between contacts and

glasses have both styles taken.

Keeping things simple with a plain background, ensures that the focus is on you. 


Management head shots, Surrey


The primary focus for a professional business headshot should be the face and

more specifically the eyes, as they are the windows to the soul.


Unusual head shots Hampshire


Tight crops or unusual angle can make your shot stand out from the crowd.


Unusual business head shots with



How often should I update my photos?

​If you have a drastic change of hairstyle or weight-loss or you have started wearing glasses -

then it's a good idea to update your profile picture. 

If you have a team of employees with images on your website, then obviously you need to update

them as and when people leave or join the team.

If the clothing you are wearing in your shot has dated, you should update.

A suit and tie can appear timeless, if chosen carefully, however we all change over time

so I would recommend and update every couple of years as a minimum. 


Singer & musician promotional shot

Do you photoshop the images?

Yes, I use photoshop. Digital files on professional cameras have an amazing amount of detail!!

 I use editing techniques to even out skin tone, brighten eyes and reduce the appearance of wrinkles and laughter lines, although these are part of your character, they make you - YOU

so I don't remove them completely......I don't do the botox look. :) 


I have tried and tested techniques in lighting, posing and editing to ensure you are shown at your very best.

If you would like to find out more about the corporate headshot service, give me a call on 07970 818931

or email me:





Photos at Work - Sports event photography in Hampshire, Berkshire and Surrey

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Photos at Work is the "events photography" business owned by me....Lee Tuckett. 


Specialising in sporting events: mainly cricket, golf and powerlifting. 


How does the "events photography" differ from my work which is commissioned under Lee Tuckett Photography? Well I supposed the easiest way to describe it is that it's instant photography, Shoot and Sell...I'm not in control of the subjects in the photographs, by that I mean that they aren't posed in any way.

Cropped to square for this blog _DSC3474

Cropped to square for this blog

I am simply capturing a moment during a game or competition.  The images captured have minimal adjustments made to them before they are sold...Photoshop isn't used to enhance the shot, I don't add the ball :)


As a photographer there are a number of things that in a ideal world I would change.  The background is a bit busy, it would be nice to move the child to a better location....but that would disrupt his experience...he's there to play cricket, to develop his bowling skills...he's not there to have his portrait taken.  As a parent I want a great action shot.




DSC3885 iso 2500


DSC3886 iso 2500

Some sports photographers under certain conditions will use a continuous shooting mode. Shooting several frames per second in order to capture the precise moment that the ball is released. The images above aren't taken using that technique, I take a single shot.

Screen Shot 2013-04-24 at 11.27.01

Why do I do that? My aim is to get three great images of an individual, all the images are displayed on contact sheets to view and select from. At a cricket academy there are between 70 and 90 kids, so that's a lot of images to select from. I don't have the time to sort through the images and delete the non-sellers, so I just shoot to sell.

_DSC5305 If I shoot too many images the customer can be overwhelmed with too much choice... it can be difficult to make a decision when it comes to selecting the images they wish to purchase.

What about the facial expressions?...


I've learnt from experience that sports people don't usually smile for the camera... It's all about the sport, their focus is on the achievement of their goal, getting the right result.

in celebration_DSC6907


In a nutshell it's about technique, I make it my goal to capture the moment, to do this I need an understanding of the sport. I don't need to know all the rules, but for powerlifting for example I know that the image that sells is the one where the lifter has fully dead lifted the weight. 



On the way up......


At the top of the lift, arms fully extended, knees locked and back straight.


The background in these powerlifting shots is not ideal, however the weight being lifted is displayed on the board, this is important to the lifter...especially if they have broken a world record, or personal best. They aren't interested in what's happening behind them.

There are loaders on hand for safety reasons and there are 3 referees observing each lift. The chalk dust, other competitors and spectators are all in the background in these shots....cropping the image will help, but won't eradicate it completely. As a photographer I find this a little frustrating however the individual sees the sport, the technique, and their achievement. 


Sport photography can often look better displayed as a black and white image... I sometimes do this for the Photos At Work Facebook page.



I have however chosen to blog mainly in colour and show you the images as they are sold. The images are: cropped slightly, a little contrast added and maybe a small amount of post vignetting....that's it.



These shots where shot through the nets.



I shoot with a Nikon D700 with a 70-200mm lens for cricket and golf.

The Powerlifting was shot using a 24-70mm lens on the D700. 

I use Lightroom for adjustments to the images and I print using a DS40 Dye Sub printer 




I hope you've enjoyed reading this blog, my aim was to make people aware of what my events photography business is all about. If you have any questions I'd be happy to answer them.

I'd love it if you liked my Facebook page. Thank you 































Corporate Events Photographer Hampshire - Car-Fest South

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This weekend I had the pleasure of photographing the amazing Car-Fest at Laverstoke Park Farm

Chris Evans in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Car-Fest-3904 There was only one man who could open the show in Hampshire...Chris Evans of Radio 2. Having opened the show in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, the only thing that could possibly follow was Chris in one of his "Magnificent 7" Ferrari's 

Chris Evans Magnificent 7 Ferrari Car-Fest South -3961 His brainchild was to create a festival celebrating all the things he loves Food, Cars and Music, whilst raising over £750,000 for his favourite charity Children in Need. 

There were many celebrities who helped make this inaugural event such a huge success

Car Fest CelebsCar-Fest-4379 They included Mark Webber; Nick Mason (of Pink Floyd); James Martin; and Jody Scheckter who hosted the party on his farm in Hampshire. 

Nick Mason (like Chris) provided a display of seven of his own vehicles They included an 1934 Aston Martin, 2 x Ferrari's, 1926 Type 35 Bugatti, McLaren GTR, a Jaguar D-Type and a Lola 297 

Nick Mason in his Ferrari 512s LeMans carCar-Fest South -4152 Here are a small selection of some of the over vehicles on display in the 12 categories which included Chris' Magnificent Seven; Million Pound Seven; The Historic F1 Seven; 

The Million Pound Seven - Lamborghini Aventador Car-Fest South --4

The Supercar Seven - Lamborghini Aventador 

F1 Seven  - Marussia F1 CarCar-Fest South -2-2

F1 Seven  - Marussia F1 Car

The Vintage Seven - Lagonda M45Car-Fest-4080

The Vintage Seven - Lagonda M45

Jaguar XJ220 Car-Fest South -

Jaguar XJ220 

McClaren MC12-4CCar-Fest South --5

McClaren MC12-4C

1989 Camel Lotus/judd type 101Car-Fest South --8

1989 Camel Lotus/Judd type 101

Lancia Delta 4Car-Fest South -4011

Lancia Delta 4

Radical Car-Fest South --6


McClaren F1 GTRCar-Fest South --7

Million Pound Seven - McClaren F1 GTR

Aston Martin DB5Car-Fest-4063

Aston Martin DB5

Jaguar D Type Car-Fest South -4135

Jaguar D Type 

Bentley LeMans CarCar-Fest South -4210

Bentley LeMans Car

Million Pound - Aston One 77Car-Fest South -4277

Aston Martin One 77

Car-Fest-4485 There were also a number of air displays 


The Blades RAF display team



Car-Fest-4440 Car-Fest-4427

The Black Cats Royal Navy display team in Lynx Helicopters

With good food, camping and fabulous music this is an event designed to entertain the whole family. 

Mini Petrolhead Car-Fest South -4471

May I take the opportunity to wish Chris every success with the second Car-Fest (North) in two weeks time. I am sure it will be a huge success and will raise a substantial amount for Children in Need.



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